Season 8 Episode 3

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Even on their honeymoon, Monica is pushy, and is annoyed that Chandler won’t jump the line at the airport check-in – especially after the couple in front of them, also on their honeymoon, get bumped up to first class. They try to sneak into the first-class lounge, but are caught – but she at least manages to steal an orange. Joey and Phoebe find that Monica and Chandler have tricked them out of the keys to the master apartment; Joey hopes a false gas leak alert will make super Treeger use his key, but he makes a fireman use an axe, and the wrecked door calls for a big lie. Rachel is finally ready to tell who the father is – the others say they already know, except daddy Ross, who thinks she just wants another passionate night with him. After blaming everything on the condom manufacturer – as neither he nor Joey ever read the notice they are only 97% effective – Ross promises Rachel full support, and of course proposes – which she turns down, as they aren’t in love. She refuses to admit she won’t cope on her own, although she can’t even see their baby on the first ultrasound.